Jam Monster Salts

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Jam Monster Salts Nicotine Salt Nicotine

Apple Jam + Butter + Toast

Strawberry Jam + Butter + Toast

Blueberry Jam + Butter + Toast

Blackberry Jam + Butter + Toast

Grape Jam + Butter + Toast

Lemon J Flavor Profile: Fruity Lemon It’s almost like eating a lemon tart every time you puff on this citrus fruit. This zest of lemon will bring you a freshness that is anchored with the complimentary savory flavors of butter and toast that will bring a smile to your face

Mixed Berries
Fruity Berry This concoction of berries is a medley dedicated to the joys of fresh berry all tied together on top of a warm piece of toast with melted butter. A sweet treat you will enjoy after every puff, Mixed Berry Jam is the perfect fruit cocktail everyone can enjoy. 


Raspberry Jam + Buttered Toast

Peach J Flavor Profile: Fruity Peach It's summer all year round, and peaches are always in season with Jam Monster Peach, a generously applied amount of Jam on a fresh piece of buttery toast is the perfect complement for any weather. Your taste buds will be brought back to life in each puff!