Established in May of 2017 by two owners who wanted to help people find a way to kick smoking for good. Seeing their family members struggle with finding a way to quit smoking they knew they had to get it right!!. Boy did they get it right!!! 594 Davie St in Vancouver was opened and instantly the store became a success. Serving the community with the best quality vape products at best prices to help our people quit smoking. Since then They have opened 4 additional stores in Vancouver and in Van City they are the best!!  

...The Best or Nothing!!


-At Royal Vape Canada we focus ONLY on the best quality vape products from companies such as UWELL ,SMOK, VAPORESSO, ASPIRE, GEEKVAPE ,VOOPOO, and other top brands for your vaping pleasure.


E-LIQUIDS - With over 300 E-Liquid flavors from ONLY Premium and TOP quality E-Liquid manufactures such as CANADA VAPE LAB BRANDS, NAKED 100, NASTY JUICE, FIVE PAWNS to name a few. Please visit our Freebase & Salt NIcotine Page to see our selection.

 DISPOSABLESHUGE Disposable Collection, Brands like VUSE, ELF BAR, ALLO, VICE , FLAVOUR BEAST, GHOST , OX BAR, POP DISPOSABLES & Much more. Please check out our Disposable Page to see our Selection

CLOSED POD SYSTEMS - VUSE, STLTH, ALLO SYNC, FLAVOUR BEAST, JUUL, RELX, ROCKY VAPOR, VEEV & More, Please check out our Closed Pod System Page to see our selection. 

- First Official VUSE Store World Wide - With a state of art 'VUSE' stand.

- First Official JUUL Store in Canada. - First Store to have JUUL products Canada Wide.



Here at Royal Vape Canada we have extremely knowledgeable staff that are happy to assist you with any Vaping needs.


Best Regards,


Royal Vape Canada Team.