• $9.99

The first cotton wick designed for Vapers by Vapers.

Only Safe, Clean and Traceable cotton for your Vaping Pleasure!

Large fibres for Lo-Ohm Builds, Minimal dry hits, More Capacity and only the Cleanest Flavour!

"Our cotton conforms to the USP standards for Pharmaceutical cotton as well as the FDA’S CFR’s for Food Contact Substance.

We receive a Certificate of Compliance and Analysis for each batch of our cotton.

Cotton Bacon is Easy to use (Bacon) Strips. Just use the amount you need. Simply Pinch, Tear, Wick'N'Vape! "

It is packaged in a resealable travel sized bag for on the go Vapers.

We take pride in packing our cotton in a Clean Environment with minimal exposure to the surrounding air for the purest cotton possible.

No more BOILING or waiting for dry time. Get your Vaping supply's at your local Vape shop! No two stops about it!

10 strips per bag