• $13.99

Nicotine Strength - 20mg / ml
800 Puffs
1.2 Ohm
Designed In Canada.
Powered by a state of the art battery long life battery, resulting in ZERO dry hits.


Aloe White Grape Ice (Iced) A perfect pairing of sweet Aloe and juicy white grapes. Chilled over light ice.

White Strawberry Ice (Iced) Fresh Fraser Valley Strawberries. Ripe from the vine and chilled over light ice.

Lychee Ice (Iced) A pearly gem of delicious tropical aroma and flavour. Our re-creation of this exotic tropical fruit. Splashed with light ice.

Pineapple Ice (Iced) Sweet, fresh pineapple frozen into a popsicle.

Fuji Green Apple Ice (Iced) Delicious Fuji apple, sprinkled with a slice of green apple sweets. Chilled on ice.

Lemon Lime Soju (Iced) A very popular Asian cocktail, originating from Korea. A refreshing twist of lemons & limes blended with Yakult yogurt & Soju. Chilled on ice. An all-day vaper.