Wotofo 10 Ft Clapton Wires

Wotofo 10 Ft Clapton Wires

  • $16.99

Comp Wire by Wotofo - Multiple Styles

Please Select Style and Configuration from Drop Down Menu. Each Comp Wire is sold in tubes containing 5 prebuilt coils.

Comp Wire by Wotofo are precoiled exotic coils that eliminate the time consuming hassle of wire configurations and provide the convenience of ready built coils that simply need to bet set, adjusted, and wicked. Comp Wire comes in three distinct styles, from Clapton, Hive Wire, and Quad Twisted in 7 total variations. Each style comes in an a resealable tube that holds 5 prebuilt coils, allowing for easy transportation while providing adequate protection to throw into your carrying kits. With a plethora of configurations, Comp Wire by Wotofo is a easy and simple answer in using advanced styled coil configurations in your RDAs and RTAs!

Please Note: The pictures per style showcase the style Itself and are not indicative of exact configurations.

Product Configurations:
Hive Wire - Double Pair Twisted
28 Gauge - 0.4 to 6 ohms per coil
26 Gauge - 0.2 to 0.3 ohms per coil
Clapton Wire
24 and 32 Gauge - 0.6 ohms per coil
24 and 30 Gauge - 0.55 ohms per coil
24 and 28 Gauge - 0.5 ohms per coil
Quad Twisted
28 Gauge - 0.35 to 0.45 ohms per coil
26 Gauge - 0.25 to .35 ohms per coil
Tiger Wire - Ribbon and Round Twisted
28 Gauge - 0.7 to 0.6 ohms per coil