Relx Pod Pro - Single 3%

Relx Pod Pro - Single 3%

  • $6.99

TheRELX Infinity/Essential Replacement Pods come in two nicotine strength—30mg and 50mg.

The following are the flavours available for purchase in either pack size format:



Gardens Heart (30mg): Natural strawberry flavours.

Tangy Purple (30mg): Explosion of tangy grape with sweet undertones.

Fresh Red (30mg): Summer vape with a refreshingly juicy watermelon flavour.

Dark Sparkle (30mg): Fizzy and cooling cola blend.

Ludou Ice (30mg): Asian-inspired blend that highlights the taste of Mung bean.

Golden Slice (30mg): Authentic and refreshingly sweet mango flavours.

Sunny Sparkle (30mg): Summertime blend inspired by fizzy orange soda.

Hawaiian Sunshine (30mg): Sweet and tangy pineapple vape.

White Freeze (30mg): Creamy and refreshing vape inspired by banana ice popsicles.

Exotic Passion (30mg): A tropical passionfruit delight.

Orchard Rounds (30mg): Light and flavourful peach blend with menthol undertones.

Sunset Paradise (30mg): The uniquely sweet and floral taste of guava in your favourite nicotine salt strength.

Mellow Melody (30mg): A sweet blend of Honeydew melons topped off with a refreshing exhale of mint.  

Jasmine Green Tea (30mg): A sweet and tasty tea flavour followed with jasmine floral notes

Crisp Green (30mg): A tasty green apple with a fresh finish 

Golden Crystal (30mg): A mixture of sweet grapefruit with a honey taste to balance with a little sweetnes

Palm Rounds (30mg): A tasty blend of coconut and pineapple (Pina Colada) with a fresh finish. 

Tangy Green (30mg): Heres what you get when you combine tangy purple with crisp green! A sweet and juicy grape with a crisp apple ice finish. 

Zest Sparkle (30mg): In RELX language, Zest = Lemon and Sparkle means soda. Zest Sparkle is your new favourite lemonade flavour with a fresh cooling finish. 


Green Zest Tobacco (50mg): A popular classic tobacco flavour with a touch of lemon zest on the finish

Menthol Extra (50mg): A refreshingly cool menthol blend

Menthol Plus (50mg): Menthol blend with extra-sharp strength.

Rich Tobacco (50mg): Authentic and complex tobacco blend.