7 Salts

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Fresh ripe strawberries dominate as you inhale while tasting notes of cheesecake and graham on the exhale make this a true all day vape for any strawberry lover.

Jester is a seemingly simple, but very complex blend of peanut butter and a hint of vanilla that will astound the pickiest of peanut butter lovers.

Louis XIV
Removing the underlying heavy notes of 'typical' custard flavors has led this smooth and rich vanilla custard to be a favorite among many.

Peach Royale
Fully ripened peaches mixed with a complex custard blend has made this an incredibly rich and creamy vape you won't be able to put down.


Pay homage to the queen with a smooth and creamy honey mixed with custard that's the 'bees knees'

Bold and Smooth, this realistic Tobacco flavor is sure to satisfy.

Grappa Wappa
Delicious mix of perfectly ripened grape and green apple topped off with a hint of ice.

Mango Wango
An Exotic, ripe and juicy mango flavor with a cool refreshing finish. Mint

Honeydew blended with Watermelon creates the perfect balance of flavor and sweetness!
Pronounced Water Melone. Hint of ice

Razzle Tazzle
Exotic blend of blue raspberry and pomegranate with a cool refreshing finish. Hint of ice.

Ripe juicy Strawberries perfectly blended with Sweet Pink Guava. Cooling

Grape BG
An outstanding grape candy taste infused with bubble gum.

Passion Fruit BG
Passion fruit candy infused with bubble gum

Pink & Blue
Bubble gum ice cream, enough said!

Original BG
Hubba bubba original, good ol fashion bubble gum

Sour Strawberry BG
Strawberry with a hint of sour blends deliciously into a bubble gum base to create something extraordinary. 

Spearmint BG
Your favourite mint bubble gum. A touch of sweet spearmint.