Nasty Juice Disposable

Nasty Fix is a disposable device which was developed to ensure everyone can enjoy the same Nasty Juice flavours in the easiest way. Nasty Fix provides the user with a straight-forward, no hassle experience.

  • Grape: sweet and sugary black grape with a hint of berries
  • Pineapple & Lemon: flavours of pineapple and zesty lime
  • Premium Tobacco: classic tobacco flavour
  • Mango: lush mango flavour
  • Red & Green Apple: flavours of red and green apple
  • Red Blackcurrant: taste of blackcurrant with a pleasant hint of soft cotton candy
  • Watermelon Mint: watermelon and icy flavours
  • White Tobacco: vanilla paired with cured tobacco flavour
Device Specifications
  • Battery: 280mAh
  • Liquid Volume: 1.3mL
  • Up to 300 puffs

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